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One foot. Even a toe. That's all it takes to become part of the Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks family. Just one step onto its beautiful campus and you are a permanent part of the history that grows like the roots of the majestic oak trees that preside over the grounds.

Countless numbers of students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff have crossed paths here. Many of them grew up. Some of them moved on. Some of them passed away. And some of them never left. But all of them come back to visit either in person, in spirit, in thought, or in letters. Highland Oaks has always been a place to which people gravitate back because it feels like an old glove that fits perfectly, keeps you warm, and matches everything you have.

Nestled among the beautiful oak trees in North Miami Beach, Highland Oaks Elementary School opened in 1964 under the leadership of Mrs. Virginia A. Boone, who was our school's only principal until her retirement in 1995. A year after Mrs. Boone's retirement, she passed away and her beloved Highland Oaks was re-named Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School in her honor. Then we gained a new member of our family, Mrs. Sue Ann Wendover who was our second principal until 2001. Under Mrs. Wendover's guidance, our school's test scores rose and our advancements in technology were astounding. Our third principal, Dr. Kim S. Rubin continued to lead VABHOE on becoming a 21st Century Technology School, and amazingly increased test scores even more, enabling us to maintain our "A School" status twelve years in a row! We were very fortunate to welcome our fourth principal, Mr. Scott H. Saperstein to open the 2013-2014 academic year.  During his tenure, the school enjoyed a growth academically and returned to its "A" school status.  To begin our 2017-2018 school year, we are happy to open our gates to our new principal, Mr. Julio Fong.  Mr. Fong has a wonderful vision for the school and we look forward to future success. 

Highland Oaks has been blessed with the best principals any teacher, student, or parent could ever ask for! When it was first built, Highland Oaks was much smaller and consisted of the office area, the cafeteria, and four "pods" laid out neatly with the surrounding foliage. Over the years, the population increased and, subsequently, several portables were added to house the larger numbers of students. In 1992 a major construction project was completed and the school grew to include a beautiful new library, a music and art lab, and two new classroom buildings. The year of opening for the new sections was the same year that Hurricane Andrew hit early on the morning of the first planning day, but fortunately nothing was damaged.

Ever since its beginnings, VABHOE has always been a school of excellence setting the highest standards for its students. Our students are motivated achievers who continually involve themselves in projects both at school and out in the community.

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